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Greg's Christian Real Estate Videos!

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Greg shares Biblical wisdom along with sound 
advice for selling or buying a home!

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Greg's miracle videos called:

I Want My Knife Back! Part 1

I Want My Knife Back! Part 2

If you do not yet own a home, listen to 

this short video from Greg: 

Hear a breakthrough video about the Kingdom of God and how it can open up doors and cause breakthroughs in your life. Also see real estate insights!

This brief video shows how to access wisdom in life or business and for the big event of buying or selling real estate.  Greg discusses where witty and clever strategies and inventions come from!

This video is Introductory and Greg discusses Biblical favor from God and how it can give you success and acceptance with other people to help you succeed.    

This video by Greg is about redemption value in your life, job or business and how to use it to be a people magnet and give your customers a highly desirable service or product.

This video shows the attitude of prayer and faith you need in life and when you are selling your home, and our stance in it as your real estate agent. 

In this video, Greg shares how the spiritual law of abusing debt can set back your success. It is time for people to get out of consumer debt.

This video for buyers shares an invention Greg created to protect buyers.  It is not used on our listings, but rather for our buyers who purchase other firm's listings.  This invention is based on Bible truth and adapting it into the real estate industry to serve people.

This brief video shows more wisdom from God from Proverbs when buying or marketing (selling) a home.

The story of Ruth shows God's desire to redeem people.  You can also add redemptive value in your business or job or family or ministry and Greg shares ways that he has done this in this video.  

This video addresses a Biblical view of home ownership and indicates what the Bible says about it, and it comments about the homeless and their issues.

See a history here in blog form of Greg, MFN Realty and Greg's call of God on his life:

More to follow!

Greg Nichols


DRE #00632894

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