Monday, November 21, 2022

Benefits for Sellers and Buyers with Greg Nichols of MFN Realty! 107924606


Greg and his wife, Deborah Nichols

On this blog entry, we are sharing a menu of exactly what we do. No other firms that we have found have this list of features. That is why, when you hire us, we perform well and get the job done. Please explore the info we have for sellers and buyers.  

Sellers:  Greg here. I got my early training in real estate by listing homes from the expired list routinely, and selling homes that other agents could not sell.  I then took the secret sauce of techniques and procedures and today those are what I follow and we still have the ability to do things that are difficult to do and it creates a very "over the top" service.  More offers mean higher and better offers. 

Buyers:  Through our vast experience, we have some procedures to help. First of all, we call you back quickly. Then, we set you up to get select houses sent to your email to view photos of them the very first day they hit the market and we are ready to help you get into them to see them very fast. Then, we write your offer in such a way to make it quite competitive and we work very well with the seller's agent to make sure your offer gets a fair viewing by the seller.  Then, on finding you a good deal on a nice home, we use expertise on home searches and we can find you what you want. 

Sellers:  One technique (Marketing Plus for Sellers) we use is that we broadened our territory where we look for buyers for your home, and it is not just the Sacramento Valley.  We have ways to notify many of the all cash buyers early in the San Francisco Bay area, about your home and that it is listed with us.  This is an actual exposure we give to our own sellers without any extra charge to our sellers. Most agents rely on the MLS service to sell your home. WE do that too, but so, so much more!

Buyers:  We have a home scoring service. No one else does this service because we created/invented it.  After you purchase a home, in the first 24-48 hours and during your due diligence and contingency period, we run a score on the home showing you that score with a breakdown of why it is what it is. Most houses pass OK, so it does not kill deals, but it does give a buyer more confidence. Our score shows things not covered in the whole house inspection, the pest inspection, and the roof inspection. In fact, since those are a given in most escrows, we focus on other more abstract, but no less important things about the home. We charge you nothing for this score process but you can only get it through us. We do not score our own listings, it is a service for buyers only.

Sellers:  One service that we offer to sellers is from an affiliated firm who does fix up,  light remodels, painting, curb side refreshing, patio, kitchen and bathroom makeovers, and they do this before you list, with no charge up front, no credit checks, and no lending fees. They give you a bid, and if you like it, then you list your home with us, and you sell the home and pay for the work at closing from your equity, and your escrow firm pays them for you. This is a great service, and can help you even get more money when you sell. No job is too small. 

Sellers:   One of our systems we use makes us very effective with luxury homes and the extra oomph and exposure it takes to get the upper end homes sold and the sellers down the road with a check in their hand. 

Buyers:  We have special circumstance homes where you can get a good deal from a seller who must sell. The homes are fairly nice. Some are vacant, some are "as is," some are probate sales, and some are Trustee sales.  

Sellers and Buyers:  We have references and a few of them are at this link. < To speak with me, give me a call and we can discuss what's on your mind, answer any questions you have, and if it seems appropriate to both of us, we can set a time for me to come by and see your home.  

Greg Nichols
MFN Realty
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A Licensed California Real Estate Broker

Thursday, November 10, 2022

Special Circumstance Quality Homes Where Sellers Need to Sell! 107924606

Probates, Fixers, Divorce, Vacant, Trusts and so on!

We keep a regular list daily of "special circumstance" homes. These homes represent a valuable and proprietary list of homes based on existing inventory in our area, and we need you to call us if you are interested in this list.  If you need a good price due to a 1031 Exchange, or due to the interest rates and your financing, or whatever reason, we are here to help you find it and get it. 

We will tell you about some of the homes on the Special Circumstance Home List!

The lots are between .15 up to .26 acres, with an average of about .22 of an acre. (1 home is over 2 acres)

The home square footages run from 1500 to 2700 sq ft. 

They are in good areas. 

They are 3 and 4 bedroom homes.  

The prices range from $405,000 to $695,000.

Several of them have sellers that must sell. 

Many of them are vacant.

Some of them have been on the market awhile. 

Many of them are fixers, "as is" and negotiable. 

Call us today to discuss what you are looking for.  We can find it if anyone can.  

We can get you a good price. 

We can help you be preferable if there is a bid situation. 

We know what we are doing.

We score your home so you have peace of mind on its quality.

Read about the Score System!

Greg Nichols
MFN Realty
DRE # 00632894

A Licensed California Real Estate Broker