Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Value Added Services with Style at MFN Realty, 107924606

 We Are a Firm w/ Quality Service

And Incredible Innovations!

(We Serve Sacramento/Placer/El Dorado Counties)

Read a few thoughts here and a few reviews from people, and then below those is a list of innovative strategies and procedures that we do for our sellers. 

We are a Full-Service Real Estate FirmBut we do more than most firms, using Marketing Plus systems and innovations we have developed over many years.

We are PROFESSIONAL in every sense of the word. We care and are diligent with Covid19 sensitive issues.

Selling Your Home? We charge the same as most firms out there but offer more services that really count than most firms do!  Many other agents simply put a sign on your home, and a key-box, and then they input the listing information into the local MLS service for the other agents in town to show.  That is often where they stop as far as marketing goes. We do all that too, but that is where MFN Realty starts the marketing process. We then aggressively bring out our systems and strategies to make things happen. Where some other firms take a passive role, we are just beginning to bring out the heavy artillery of marketing. 

Are you leaving California? Improve your exit by getting the most possible net proceeds for your home so you have more on your next stop.  Our marketing includes putting your home listing information and photos in front of SF Bay Area buyers through a networking system we have developed.

We have many happy customers because we put our clients above our own interests!  We have over 30 years serving this area!

Read this reference from another agent:  “As a fellow Realtor, I have had the opportunity to watch Greg Nichols work. I have learned so much about real estate and how to work with clients from his 40+ years of experience. Anytime I have a client moving or thinking of moving to California I refer them to Greg because I know he will handle every transaction with exceptional professionalism and care.  His experience is vast and he knows how to handle all varieties of transactions from foreclosures to new construction. If you need an agent Greg is your go to!”     Tamara Kopp

At any price range, we use several effective strategies, and you get a firm and agent that thinks outside the box with much experience, and we always put you, the client, first.  

We also have years of selling properties with issues, family trusts, fixers, probates, foreclosures, code violations and permit problems, short sales, divorce forced sales, legal issues, and inheritance properties with problems. Call us if you or a loved one needs help with real estate - we are sensitive with elder related issues!  We are frequently called in on family problem homes, such as elderly trust properties or rough fixer homes, and we get you top dollar on your estate or your family-owned inheritance home!

Here is another reference from a satisfied seller:  “After designing and building our own home 35 years ago, we found that selling our house was a daunting task! Luckily, Greg was there explaining every step of the way and reassuring us that the right buyer was just around the corner. In spite of heavy smoke covering our beautiful property from the California fires and a pandemic lockdown, the perfect family for our unique home emerged. Greg and Debbie had wisely targeted San Francisco in their marketing strategy. We highly recommend Greg and Debbie Nichols to be your choice for a reliable real estate agent and broker. Miracles do happen in the hands of the right people!”   Georgianne Buck

Do you have a beautiful more expensive home in a great area?


1)   We do Targeted List Marketing on our listings.

2)   We do SF Bay Area Blast Advertising of your home.

3)   We Use 5 Emotion Trigger Strategies to potentially have bidding wars on our listings.

4)   We do Top 10 Feature Marketing on your home to vary ads, keep it interesting, and avoid the listing getting stale.

Call or text us today for an estimate of your home's value!

We can serve most homeowners in Sacramento and Placer and El Dorado Counties! Call (916) 580-7235

Greg Nichols
MFN Realty
DRE # 00632894

A Licensed California Real Estate Broker

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