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I am a Christian, a patriot, I am honest, and caring and I pray for my clients. I have listed and sold hundreds of homes that other agents could not sell. I am the broker and owner of  MFN Realty in Sacramento, Roseville, Rocklin and other parts of Placer & El Dorado Counties. I developed a set of processes for listings on getting them sold quickly and seamlessly and for top dollar. I also developed a home scoring system for buyers when in escrow that gives them an extra layer of protection.

I have made some brief videos on my processes in real estate, selling or buying a home and God's part in the process.  As Biblical success principles are shared, see what you can takeaway from them to use in your own life, job, business or family. Much wisdom is shared here!

Hear a breakthrough video about the Kingdom of God and how it can open up doors and cause breakthroughs in your life. Also see real estate insights!

Greg discusses how to make your home show better when selling, and he discusses critical mass in the marketing of the home and how you can receive more and higher offers!

This brief video shows how to access wisdom in life or business and for the big event of buying or selling real estate.  Greg discusses where witty and clever strategies and inventions come from!

This video is Introductory and Greg discusses Biblical favor from God and how it can give you success and acceptance with other people to help you succeed.    

This video is Greg's first video recently on showing tips and house preparation.

This video by Greg is about redemption value in your life, job or business and how to use it to be a people magnet and give your customers a highly desirable service or product.

This video shows the attitude of prayer and faith you need in life and when you are selling your home, and our stance in it as your real estate agent. 

In this video, Greg shares how the spiritual law of abusing debt can set back your success. It is time for people to get out of consumer debt.

This brief video shows who the real expert is when you sell a home, and the answer may surprise you.

This video for buyers shares an invention Greg created to protect buyers.  It is not used on our listings, but rather for our buyers who purchase other firm's listings.  This invention is based on Bible truth and adapting it into the real estate industry to serve people.

This brief video shows more wisdom from God from Proverbs when buying or marketing (selling) a home.

The story of Ruth shows God's desire to redeem people.  You can also add redemptive value in your business or job or family or ministry and Greg shares ways that he has done this in this video.  

This video addresses a Biblical view of home ownership and indicates what the Bible says about it, and it comments about the homeless and their issues.

Greg's Christian Fiction Thriller Novel - Hungry Nation, See Here!


New brief videos will be shared continuously at Greg's YouTube Channel at this link: (You can subscribe to the channel at the link just below!)

Option 1:  Greg as Your Agent!

See Greg in a short blog entry share why he is the agent to hire to advise you and also an agent who has marketing clout using his techniques and strategies to sell your home.  

Go here to read it:

Option 2:  Fix Up Before Selling!

Listen to Greg in a  5 minute video explain how you can fix up your home before you sell it with no upfront cost or no credit check and just have it billed to your house escrow when it sells.

Go to the YouTube video here:

Other Helps:

Greg Shares Historic Perspectives on the Sacramento region on housing, highway and road development and waterways. It is a trip down memory lane for long term Sacramento residents, and is quite interesting: 

Historical Video:

Improve Your Home's Lighting!  Greg shares a 6 minute video on improving the lighting in your home before selling!  Go to the YouTube video here:

Who is Moving To and Out of Sacramento?  Greg shares on YouTube here some stats from a year or two ago, but very relevant anyway.  Go to the video:

Luxury Home Owners Take Note Here!   Greg shares strategies in this blog entry that he uses for all listings, luxury homes and all other homes too!

Greg's Unique Services When You List With Him!   Greg shares in this 7 minute video a nutshell of benefits and services that he offers at no extra cost to sellers.

Greg Shares How to Eventually Own a Dream Home!   If you dream of a huge luxury home but you are not there yet, see what Greg shares after observing and talking to people after many years of experience!  Go to the video now here:

Call me today or email me or text me.  (916-580-7235) We can have a Zoom call or I can come by and get a look at your home and advise you in the selling process.  

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