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History On Greg Nichols and MFN Realty and God's Service


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Real Estate Ministry & Kingdom Principles

As I said in the last installment, Debbie and I have a "tent making" business (real estate) to earn a living, but we see ourselves as teachers and ministers for God as our primary vocation.  When I shared that last entry on this subject a week ago, a few people thought we were opening a new ministry. That is incorrect. What is correct is that we have seen ourselves as ministers in our business for decades and began many practices back then to see God's will done in the lives of people that we encounter. I share this to encourage people to take God into their businesses, professions, jobs, and marketplace. When I left real estate for a while in 2008, I took a graveyard shift job taking care of and watching over alcoholics and drug addicts where I was able to direct my calling and anointing into people there; that became my employment and a ministry for a season. I saw God do some mighty things in that tent making position. 

Point of wisdom here:  Whatever you are doing with your life to earn a living, you have a Great Commission from Christ and loving on, serving, and inspiring people anywhere you are is your main vocation. According to Google, a major synonym for the word vocation is the word, "calling." "Everyone who is called by My name, Whom I have created for My glory; I have formed him, yes, I have made him." Isaiah 43:7  God has called each one of us, and to say that anything else is your calling may not be accurate. You are His son and daughter and servant anywhere you are, 24/7, and oh the joy this will bring you. Then, you may have to step aside for a few hours or 8 hours and make a few tents. Even at that business or job, the outreach you can have is incredible and you will perform that work in a supernatural ability. 

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I started real estate in 1977 as a sales agent. I got around some mentors that were decent and high principled people, and I learned much about customer care and service from the heart. I was not even a saved man at the time. I was saved in 1982. I met Debbie in 1984; we married in 1987. I received a real estate brokers license in 1986. We started our own firm in early 1988 after getting married. That company is still here, MFN Realty. I have a testimony and example for you of what I am talking about. In the 1990's, I sold a house for a man of God, a Pastor. He was relocating to Wyoming from Sacramento. He had secured a house by faith in Wyoming on acreage with a meeting building on the property. Was he ever excited! He was going there to set up a rural, local church. He was now out of funds. This man lived in the supernatural and was an ex-biker and was very close to God. On escrow signing day, I met him at the title company. He was signing away his old house, and then moving on with his family to the new dream the next day, a dream that he was sure was from God. I knew it was too. And it was. The escrow lady told us when we arrived that she had some bad news. The escrow could close, but not without my seller bringing her a check for $3,850  that very day. He stated that he had no money. I knew this to be true. He looked over at me. I said, I don't have any money either. It was true. Debbie and I had 7 kids in the house. We were struggling and this was the only escrow or closing we had. 

What a bad turn of events. His mortgage was higher than expected and he had some old liens. In his sinning days, he incurred things that now came back to bite him. With the sale of his house, because records are searched when you sell a house, there was a reckoning at the escrow table. This guy had a buyer waiting to go on this house. He needed to close it. The U-Haul truck was already in his driveway. Did you ever get the feeling that someone was praying and you were their answer? That is exactly how I felt. The man did not ask me for anything. He did not manipulate me. He just went above my head. He had already been to God in faith that all things would work out. Right then, I knew what I had to do. I called Debbie privately and told her the situation and she agreed with me. So, I instructed the escrow lady to deduct $3850 from my commission. It was the biggest offering I had ever given up to that day. The problem was that my commission was only $4150. I was about to have to take home to my wife, who pays the bills and buys the groceries, a $300 check for 2-3 months’ work. Thank God I have a wife of great faith. Both Debbie and I agreed that we did the right thing, and God showed us right away that He would bring me plenty of income to compensate us with multiplying returns. The client comes first. I had worked that way my whole career and was not changing anything now. 

When we go to work, we are working for God, not just the client or some earthly boss, for we serve the Lord Christ. (And whatever you do, do it heartily, as to the Lord and not to men, knowing that from the Lord you will receive the reward of the inheritance; for you serve the Lord Christ. Colossians 3:23-24) I helped this man of God get on his way with God and  God saw it. I very well may be reaping on that action for the rest of my life in business or ministry. I know this is speaking to someone who has struggled to realize your identity as a son or daughter to God and your role in the business world as you work to get ahead with your finances. What I am sharing are principles of God that can lead you to financial rest in your life, with all your needs met, as well as seeing your dreams fulfilled. Sometimes, just having your "calling" identity in Him settled in your own heart can lead you on to great exploits, successes, and victories. "But the people that do know their God shall be strong and do exploits." Daniel 11:32  

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