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An Innovative Scoring System That We Offer Our Buyers at No Cost! 107924606

Before You Ever Buy Another Home, Read

"My Home Score" Below!

 from Greg Nichols, MFN Realty, DRE #00632894

 My Home Score
from Greg Nichols 

As a real estate broker, 26 years ago in 1997, I created or invented a system and process to score homes based on various factors.  This scoring method is good for any buyer, including new home buyers, rental investors, property flippers, subdivision planners, etc. 

This scoring system is optional; you can decline it and we will represent you as our buyer with the exceptionally good service you expect. But read on.

(Note:  We never score our own listings, our seller's houses. We are agents acting in the law of Agency, and this scoring system is for buyer's only, for their protection, where we only represent the buyer. When we sell a seller's home and they become a buyer, then we can score their next home at their option.)

This is something only our firm has; no other firm has it! We believe you should have all of the inspections that are normally done when you buy a home.  They include:  1) appraisal,  2) termite inspection,  3) whole house inspection,  4) roof inspection, and those are just the main ones. Now buyers can go a step further at NO COST! Through MFN Realty, we have one more inspection that measures factors in a home that are not ever measured.  

Our Proprietary System:

We have several categories that a home must reach a minimum score on. Those scores are then, with our professional and unique system, rendered into a final score with a certain minimum score total to pass. In other words, this process is indicating to you that the home you have chosen is a good or acceptable purchase. All of this is done, not before you make the offer, but rather, before you are obligated to do the final contingency removal and are bound by contract. This scoring will help you know things such as:

  • Will my home resell reasonably well?
  • Can I expect a market value when I resell? 
  • Will my home have some sort of functional obsolescence? 
  • Will I be buying a white elephant that has no obvious outward appearance of an issue to a layman's eyes?
  • Is the price or condition of the home I am accepting good enough to create a passing score?  (This can help a buyer who is caught in a bid war and concerned about the price being paid or what negative impact an "as is" sale will have on the score.)

This score system is not a deal killer, as the score test is fairly easy to pass, but it IS a buyer protector.  Why? The average real estate transaction has no real uniform way for agents to warn you of issues not covered by the current due diligence inspections. This is not only because it does not exist except for our service, but also because no matter how savvy and honest your agent is, you will never know if they are telling you everything that they can see from their vast professional experience, knowing their commission is on the line if they do. This is a subtle and hidden conflict that goes back decades in our industry.  A simple napkin test could alleviate this issue, and we have it.  The premise of this scoring method is that the house does not fail for one particular issue, but rather it can only fail for several contributing issues looking at the house as a whole and this is easy to do in one complete scoring process. 

I must make it clear that this inspection and scoring system does not exist anywhere but in my firm at this time.  I created it to better serve and protect my clients. There are many years of real estate background and experience that I have that are poured into this unique scoring method.  Soon, other agents will be using this method too, but we are beta testing it now.  You can benefit from it for no charge. I believe God gave us this idea, and the way I  know this is because it is based on "serving" and "caring" and "truthfulness." The customer is put first, before anything or anyone else. 

What is our scoring system like?  It is like you having a trusted friend or family member who has real estate savvy and knowledge from decades of brokering real estate, and they stop by after your purchase during your escrow to give you their own opinion and stamp of approval on your purchase. What is the value of you having a resource like this person? It is immeasurable. Our scoring system is much like having such a person.

The process takes about 1-2 hours, and it is done during the inspection period after your offer is accepted and escrow has begun, preferably in the first 2-3 days. It is thorough but very fair.  It allows a buyer to feel confident that there are very experienced eyes, who 
know what to look for, on their next home purchase. 

Call us to get more information if you are planning to buy a home.

Your cost? O! Zero, Zip, Nada, Zilch! We simply use our resource for your benefit, at no cost, as we represent you as our buyer. 

Greg Nichols
MFN Realty
DRE # 00632894

A Licensed California Real Estate Broker

copyright 2022 by Greg Nichols

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