Monday, September 2, 2019

The Internet Firms Are Listing Old Information! 107924606

The Internet Firms Are Listing Old Information!

It is very frustrating to have 4 different buyers all call you as an agent with a list of bogus listings of houses to look up. I won't name any names, but we all know who those Internet firms are that create these lists. These firms allow buyers to sit at home in their pajamas to look over houses. Now sometimes, they are actually accurate. Often, they are not, with the home having been sold about 3-4 years prior. I am referring to Trulia, Zillow,, Redfin, and others. 

Furthermore, many of their listings are not only old sales, but were never on the market at all. If an individual agent did this, it would be a punishable crime. It is "bait and switch." These firms are seemingly untouchable by the regulating authorities or the agencies just don't care. 

These firms are in the business of making the phone ring for agents who pay them money to get unsuspecting buyers to call the agents, and when they call, the agents who take the calls have a much more sparse selection of homes to share, a selection that more represents the true reality of the marketplace. These agents are actually paying and supporting these firms to use unscrupulous tactics, and, these agents know they are doing it.   

Sadly, I have also noticed many real estate agencies also leaving very old sales on their own lists as "Active" to also make the phone ring. Buyers have not totally realized what kind of damage this "come on" marketing does, as it tends to skew the buyer's perception of just what kind of a market we are in.

A buyer simply needs to hook up with an honest agent who will run a computerized list of the true market and actual "available" homes. We at MFN Realty can do this list for you and we can make sure you get the latest new listing in your desired area sent to you instantly by email as they are entered into the system.

If professionals play games with the truth in business, then who knows what other truth they will bend? Food for thought!

Greg Nichols
MFN Realty
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A Licensed California Real Estate Broker

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