Sunday, October 20, 2019

Bringing a Desire for Home Ownership to Reality!

Many people desire to own a home, but don’t know where to begin to start the project.  When some people try to take the step to own a home, they hit a roadblock and back off and shelve the idea for a season, maybe even for years.  But I say to my readers, all blocks and obstacles to owning a home are solve-able.  ALL!  Maybe it has never been broken down for you so I will attempt it here.

Some people do not earn enough money to buy a home, and this is most difficult item to correct. But it is changeable. A person can get a better job or seek raises by being a stronger employee; they can get a 2nd job or even start a supplemental home business. There are ways to maneuver for people with too little income. If they are on the border of income or just below it, a lease option may be what they need. That is leasing a home with an option to purchase it at a contractually specified time. If they are not ready at that time, it can be extended if both parties agree, or, they simply lose their option fee which is not that large, and, they are not obligated to proceed.

The next big block is income verification.  But this is solve-able too. The loan people look for 2 years of employment to verify. If self-employed, then 2 years of IRS 1040 forms are used. If a person cannot produce the 1040’s, for whatever the reason may be, they may be able to be qualified based on their bank statement history over 24 months. As you can see, there are ways to work the issues, if you the buyer has the desire and the will to get into a home. Home ownership in America is based on desire, plain and simple. An easier road is to go rent an apartment or house and just not think about obstacles. But home ownership procrastinated or delayed can lead to other problems, such as rent increases or landlords selling homes out from under renters.

The last thing I want to mention is credit, credit scores and credit unworthiness. This may be the easiest block in buying a home to solve. Many credit issues can be changed in just a handful of months. Many people rely on Credit Karma to keep up on their scores. But Credit Karma lowballs your scores in hope that you will take out a higher interest credit card like Capital One. It’s a money maker for them and highly deceptive. Those are not FICO Scores they are quoting you, and FICO is the only scoring system that home lenders use.  

Currently, my own Credit Karma score runs about 50 points lower than my FICO score.  Imagine if that particular deception blocked you from buying a home in the past while housing prices continued to climb up higher and higher. A good house lender will run your credit for FICO scores and give you a true reading. Forget fearing inquiries on your credit, if you don’t do it often it is not that damaging. At times, one person may be score qualified and their spouse is not due to credit issues. Focusing on that other spouse’s credit scores is the answer especially if they have an income that qualifies the couple for more home and a higher price.

I realize timing is everything in home buying, and people may be holding off due to high prices of homes. But there may be a location or neighborhood that is still affordable for you and beginning to think about it and educate one’s self is the way to establish thought processes that can later bring the desired home ownership to pass. I will continue to share practical helps and ideas in upcoming blog issues. Knowledge is very powerful for consumers. If you’d like to discuss anything further with me about home buying or getting access to a competent and honest home lender, call me.  916-580-7235, Greg Nichols, MFN Realty.

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About MFN Realty: I am the broker of MFN Realty. I opened the firm in 1988. MFN Realty is loaded with experience and marketing techniques and your home will be well represented when you trust us to sell your home.  I am based out of Placer county and I work throughout the tri-county area in the Sacramento Valley. Call me today to discuss your real estate needs. (Disregard this offer if you are currently listed with another broker.)

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